The Midium


Connecting your instruments, synths, drum machines, effects, MIDI and CV equipment, and all of your other gear should be the kind of thing that's done when it's done.  With reliable options at your command, it should be as easy as choosing your cables, adapters, and power supplies, connecting them, and getting to work.  Our curated collection does exactly that. 

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The cable and accessory brands we have curated make it easy to work with just about any kind of essential signal you need in your studio or live setup: line level audio, high impedance signals, general purpose patch cables, MIDI cables, and more applications including modular synthesizers.  They are sturdy, reliable, and provide true and consistent signals, and the color assortment makes it easy for you to color code your connections.

Please take your time looking through our collection of audio cables, MIDI cables,  splitters, and more.  You can email your questions to, or call us during our hours operation at 661.666.7293.