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At their core, all musical instruments are educational.  They enlighten musicians, artists, and audiences through the sounds they make, how they––the instruments themselves––are made, and how the instrument produces those sounds.  Some electronic musical instruments, music machines, musical tools and references are more accessible than others.  Then, there are those that offer entirely new ways of reproducing sound or capturing it from the ether.  Our collection focuses on these points.

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From digital electronic musical instruments meant for artists of all ages to those aimed at turning rejected waves into sound, the instruments and music machines in our EDUCATIONAL AND MORE collection offer both the artist and audience new ways to experience music, sound, and the environment.  The books in our collection also offer an educational tour of the world of synthesizers past and present, legendary and new.

Both the Dato DUO and Blipblox synthesizers were designed to introduce even the youngest of artists to the ever-malleable world of electronic music, though they each take their own approach towards that goal.  The SOMA Laboratory ETHER V2 captures waves often rejected by most radio transmitters and presents them to artists and audiences as a means to further understand light bulbs, trees, radio towers, and other elements of the world around us on a sonic level.  The PIPE by SOMA Laboratory also shows how the human voice may be reinterpreted as an ambient instrument through a series of effects, or turned into a percussive instrument.  

As for the reproduction of sound, the Onde by La Voix du Luthier projects sound by running the signal through a delicately designed and built wooden resonant chamber.  This is notable for electronic musicians, since the Onde can show what an electronic musical instrument sounds like when played through an organic medium, such as a guitar's body.  The Onde is also available with the Haken Audio ContinuuMini; it was Haken Audio that partnered with La Voix du Luthier to aid in the Onde's development, and the pairing combines non-traditional methods of both listening to electronic musical instruments and playing them.

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