The Midium



Effects pedals' uniqueness often comes from their sound, overall build quality, and their aesthetics.  In the case of Stacks FX and the company's leader and pedal builder, Miguel "Stacks" Vasquez, their pedals feature unique circuits, a robust and carefully crafted build (as well as a warranty that backs it up), and designs stemming from personal and artistic influences, and inspired by his partner and collaborator Baked Papaya's own creative works.  As a child, Vasquez began disassembling and rebuilding common household electronics; soon thereafter, he built his own drill and flashlight, picked up his first guitar, installed custom pickups, and got to work.  


The Southern California native would go on to repair and modify pedals for his friends, and after beginning his career at one of the largest pedal companies in the world, he honed his craft and field tested his own designs while playing in several bands.  Today, Vasquez crafts the Zeñor analog overdrive and other pedals, including the Stacks FX Zeñor Purple Line Signature Edition exclusively for The Midium®.