The Midium

/// WHY The Midium® JOINED NAMM

We joined the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in order to support the music community and enhance our curation of unique electronic musical instruments, effects, and accessories.  These events supplement our efforts to continue learning about how the music community is growing, along with the ideas that built its history and are fueling the present and future of music.  Inventors have made history after showcasing some of their most beloved music machines at NAMM, and it presents another opportunity for us to meet the people who create special instruments, as well as the artists and musicians who bring them to life, and get to know the stories behind their work.  The Midium believes in connecting artists and musicians with inventors and brands who care about crafting tools that make music and art a pleasure to create... because music and art composition, production, and performance are some of this life's most beautiful qualities.  

When you see either of us at a NAMM event (or anywhere else), please feel free to introduce yourself.  It would be a pleasure to meet you and talk for a while!