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Effecting the time and space in which sounds reside results in new rhythms and environments, which leads to some of the most musical and abstract sounds artists can imagine and create.  Reverb and delay change a sound's environment or timing, though how those effects are generated and how they sound––along with the effects unit's interface––make all the difference.  Our FX: SPACE + REVERB collection showcases complex and straightforward reverbs (some featuring delays, pitch shifters, granular modulation, and more) in desktop and pedal formats. 

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Reverb and delay are closely related, since they each contribute to where and when a sound exists; differentiation comes down to the people who design and make them, the hardware itself, the components used to produce each circuit, and the programming (for units that involve digital functions.)  

Some reverb and delay units include variants of modulation, signal processing (sample rates and bit depths, for example) or heat/dynamics that add unique character to the sounds they process.  Then, there are units that use vintage (or vintage-inspired) chips and algorithms that can make synths, drum machines, vocals, and other signals sound like they were produced using equipment from long ago.  Whether classic spaces, ambient-inspired shimmering reverbs, or heavily modulated lo-fi trails are needed for a project, our collection contains a carefully curated palette of options in accessible formats for artists to explore.

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