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We clean up after ourselves.

Ecommerce deliveries have a carbon footprint. That's why we support cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air.

By teaming up, participating businesses have…

Here's how it works: For every order we receive, a formula is used by our service provider to calculate and estimate shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Let's meet a few of the companies removing carbon from the sky.


Heirloom's direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralization process. Heirloom's technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in.

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Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage.

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Charm captures CO₂ using plant waste, converts it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid, and safely stores it deep underground—out of reach of wildfires and soil erosion.

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In Summary...

The Midium® is doing our best to leave the world better than how we found it by connecting artists with the instruments that make life all the more special, and by ensuring that our existence as a musical instrument retailer and boutique respects the Earth and the communities that count on us.  

Your orders from that are fulfilled and shipped through our system are a step in the right direction, since they support carbon neutrality.  We appreciate you choosing The Midium®, as our best efforts to be environmentally conscious and proactive––including our bespoke and eco-friendly packing materials and supplies––are a way for us to thank you and our planet for the opportunity we have to make our goals and dreams a reality.  Environmental causes are important to us, and we will continue looking for more ways to do good, and to do it well.

We believe that carbon neutrality efforts are important to helping Earth as it faces a range of environmental crises of historic proportions.  

Our commitment to carbon neutral shipping and bespoke environmentally friendly packing materials comes directly out of our earnings; even though this increases our costs, we see it as our duty to accept this as a part of doing business the right way, and we are proud to take these steps out of respect for yours and our artists' communities.  

As the carefully curated electronic musical instrument boutique we envisioned since the beginning, The Midium® began our environmental mission by using bespoke eco-friendly packing materials and supplies with every order we ship, and now our carbon neutrality commitment is our next step toward our vision of serving communities and the planet while showcasing the most special electronic musical instruments, effects processors, and accessories created by inventors with unique stories behind them.  

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for joining us as we continue making The Midium® into the synth shop and boutique we love, as it serves a greater purpose in the world.  Thank you for believing in us, and for counting on The Midium® as you make your goals for your art and music a reality.

We will be here to support you, your art, and your music any way that we can.

With all our gratitude and––

With kind regards,


Cam, Erin, and Melody Nightingale Wednesday

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