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When composing, playing, or producing electronic music (or any kind of music, for that matter), special effects and sound processors of various shapes and formats often expand the depth and reach of the sounds you create.  By experimenting with audio effects and sound processors in unconventional applications, such as with noise generators, drone synths, modulars, and more, you can take sound in directions only you can imagine.  You can even take a video synthesizer out of an audio/visual installation and watch it play with you and inspire your work.  Our curated collection exists to make that possible.

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In this curated collection, we are taking a look at a series of different audio effects units, a granular sampler, a tiny mixer full of character, modular synths and effects, and a compact video effect system.  From vintage-style and time-based effects that bring back the tone colors of the 70s and 80s, a sampler and workstation that can mangle and synthesize just about any signal, and experimental modular effects and synths conceived by one of the field's greatest minds; to pedals from designers and builders who dedicate their lives to pushing the limits of sound manipulation, and artists and designers who can slice sounds into tiny grains and even bend time in the realm of MIDI... our collection of music machines and effects has been carefully curated to bring you the works of people who are as into the engineering of unique machines as they are believers in the positive effect they can have on art and music.  

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