The Midium


Desktop synthesizers typically take on a more compact form factor than most keyboards, and sometimes present unique interfaces that stretch beyond the capabilities of more traditional controllers.  While keyboards give artists a tried and true medium for playing music, desktop synths open artists to new ways to play and compose, since they allow you to choose how you input notes and other information, and interact with their functions (not to mention save space in your studio or live setup).

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Here, we have curated a desktop synth that combines modular techniques in a handheld package; a pyramid-shaped synthesizer that invites collaboration between two musicians of just about any age; an analog synth with a digital brain and grid-based interface that allows you to sequence notes, tones, settings, and more across a range of synthesis techniques; a complete workstation that combines synthesis, sampling, and tracker-based sequencing (a decades-old method that's been brought to the 2020s) in one elegant and straightforward package; and a programmable video synthesizer that responds to both audio and MIDI, making it perfect for synchronized video effects you could use in music videos and live performances.

These are electronic musical instruments made by people who are in it for the art... for the joy of music.  Take some time to think about each one, and let us know if you have any questions!  We can be emailed at, or you can call us during our hours of operation from 10 AM - 4 PM Pacific, Monday through Saturday.  We would love to hear from you!