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Since the late 19th century's basic microphones consisting of a wire and simple transmitter made the first telephone calls possible, and after the early 20th century's delicate ribbon mics captured some of the earliest musical recordings ever known, microphones have come in various formats and performed a range of duties.  Microphones used in music and film implement various technologies, including field-effect transistors (or FETs), vacuum tubes, contact vocal mics, and more.

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Our focused collection of microphones come from Soyuz Microphones and SOMA Laboratory.  Soyuz Microphones are handmade in Russia and presented to the artist in a manner that underscores the painstaking craftsmanship and engineering inside each microphone.  Cards included with each Soyuz Microphones unit introduce the artist using one of their mics to the engineers, designers, and builders who made that particular unit possible.  The microphone's story continues in the artist's workspace. 

SOMA Laboratory's The PIPE is a non-traditional microphone with an avant-garde design and interface.  With its built-in effects and use of a contact mic, The PIPE invites experimentation as an external effects processor, rhythm machine, and performance microphone.  Its chief designer, Vlad Kreimer, wants The PIPE to inspire vocalists of all skill levels to perform in any way they imagine, and for artists to experiment with different source material.

In their totality, the microphones in our collection cover several price points and applications, and represent some of the finest craftsmanship and design we have encountered.

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