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Desktop and keyboard synthesizers, samplers in varying shapes and sizes, deep rackmount and modular synths, and peculiar instruments for special purposes. The inventors who craft these instruments have created something unique for your art.

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A multiplicity of modular, pedals that smoke sound and bend tone and time, effects for any color and mood, and machines for sequencing rhythms and playing soundscapes. Designed by people who are passionate about sound and art.

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Cables and connectors for currents, commands, and waves... and power supplies and sources for all the voltage you need to keep your studio alive. Let's bridge your ideas, equipment, and audience, reliably and clearly.

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Unique Curated Brands

We are carefully curating brands and inventors of synths, effects, and sound machines that take music, composition, and artist support to a new level.

Always Proper Packaging

Everything you buy for your studio is important. We present your gear to you accordingly, and in environmentally and socially conscious packaging.

Free 24-Hour Delivery in LA

Inspiration strikes at any time, day or night... Studio sessions last for hours and you urgently need a specific instrument. Schedule local delivery and we'll be there.

Environmental + Social Mission

"Leave the world better than how you found it" are words we live by. Inclusivity, environmental stewardship and social consciousness underscore our choices.

In-Studio + At-Home Demos

Some of the tech can be nuanced, so we're here to demystify it. If you would like to experience an instrument in your creative space, let's schedule a demo.

Cam + Erin (+ Wednesday!)

No corporate nonsense. We're a real "mom & pop" (with a baby!) boutique. We love working with artists, and we're glad to help you find the right instruments.


"Met with the owner, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! He offered to even deliver it himself! 10/10, do yourself a favor and order from this amazing new store!!"

– Darren C.

"Super fast shipping, great personal communication, and bespoke environmentally conscious packaging. Was really happy to have found one of these available (amazing unique synth) and couldn't have asked for more in acquiring it from The Midium. Thanks!"

– Ben D.

"If you are considering a purchase from The Midium, just do it. They are friendly, gracious, and provide outstanding service. Their communication is excellent, they ship quickly, and they are a joy to work with. Almost like that friendly neighborhood shop you had near you 20 years ago: a place you could go hang out, soak up all the music vibe, and chat with good people. Well, here it is again, online and at Reverb: your friendly neighborhood music shop. And GOMEZ will pack your box!"

– Ken C.

"Definitely the most thoughtful online transaction I've ever had. Quick shipping, extremely communicative, wrapped instrument, handwritten letter with amazing handwriting... Very impressive! Highly recommended, I will be back. I mean seriously this is probably the first time I've ever left a review longer than five words. Thank you!"

– Corbin C.

The Midium is awesome. Quick ship, great prices, and the nicest packaging I’ve ever gotten on Reverb and maybe anywhere else online as well. These guys are an awesome, small family biz (literally, employee #3 is like 8 months old 😏). Seriously y’all throw em yr biz, they are building something the right way.

– Johnathan C.

Cam, the co-owner of The Midium, goes above and beyond regular customer service. He himself drove 2 hours from L.A. to personally deliver the Lyra-8 I ordered from him, the very same day I placed the order! That’s unheard of. Even Amazon isn’t that fast! The way the product was packaged also shows the care and love they put into musical gear. I would absolutely order again from The Midium store if I have the chance!

– Stephan B.


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