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Vocal effects units come in many weights and sizes, like voices and vocals themselves.  They can add dynamics, set words in various spaces, and place lyrics in multiple moments in music.  Some vocal effects can even turn an artist's voice into an entirely new musical instrument.  From distortion and dynamics to delays, reverbs, and tuning, modern vocal effects play myriad roles in the studio and on stage.  Our collection focuses on specific solutions, each more unconventional than the other.

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The precise scope of FX: VOCALS includes more straightforward vocal effects like delays alongside complex multi-effects and unconventional processors.  Some pieces in FX: VOCALS are more synthesizer than dedicated effects unit; nevertheless, such instruments introduce unique methods of vocal processing, such as a piezo microphone that may be used to produce and capture surface sounds and voices, and digital algorithms that morph voices into percussive and surreal sonic elements.

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