The Midium


"Analog versus Digital" is a never-ending debate spanning generations of electronic musicians.  Some musicians prefer analog synths for their perceived unique qualities, such as warmth, tuning/envelope drift, straightforward interfaces, and unique sound character.  On the other hand, digital synthesizers also offer their own types of sound character, flexibility, integration options, and evolving feature sets, among other traits.  Hybrids often incorporate a blend of both.  Which is "best" usually depends on the intended application, as well as the artist's goals, preferences, and creative process.

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Our carefully curated collection of keyboard synthesizers is comprised of analog, analog/digital hybrids, and digital synthesizers.  Historic brands like Oberheim and Sequential are placed at the beginning, with Future Retro, Haken Audio and Modal Electronics comprising the second half.

Keyboard synthesizers come in a range of sizes and formats, giving artists and electronic musicians a choice between long and short keyboards, capacitive touch interfaces (as seen in the Future Retro Vectra), aftertouch, and other ways to connect note choice with modulation.  Which type of synthesizer, its size, and its interface you choose depends largely on your goals.  Also, bear in mind that keyboards often play differently from others.  Though they all implement high-quality keybeds, the keys on a Sequential or Oberheim synthesizer may feel differently from those on a Modal Electronics keyboard, and significantly different from the non-traditional and touch-based interfaces found on the Future Retro Vectra and Haken Audio Continuumini.  In essence, the instrument must inspire you in order for it to fit into your creative process.  To that end, we have selected a specific range of instruments and brands that are special and unique, and connect quality, innovation, accessibility, overall feel, and breadth of sounds, so that you may thoroughly enjoy every performance and the production process itself.