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Modulation effects give artists and musicians more control over the tone and timbre produced by their instrument of choice, be it a synthesizer, guitar, drum machine or other percussion instrument, vocals, or just about any signal with harmonic content.  In our FX: MODULATION collection, you will find modulation effects units in pedal, desktop, and even rather avant-garde formats that are made by special brands with unique stories behind them.

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Effects pedals and units by SOMA Laboratory, Erica Synths, Anasounds, Death By Audio, Demedash Effects, Dreadbox, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and Strymon form the core of this collection.

SOMA Laboratory, founded by Vlad Kreimer, produce unconventional instruments and effects units; among them are The PIPE and COSMOS.  SOMA Laboratory's range of synths, drum machines, effects, and other electronic musical instruments are based on esoteric concepts involving avant-garde performance and design principles, and interfaces that move artists to compose in unexpected ways.  

Erica Synths have designed electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, effects units and modular synths that are highly regarded by musicians and artists around the world.  Born and crafted in Latvia, Erica Synths are carefully built and durable, and thus lend themselves for both studio and stage use.

Demedash Effects, which is run and owned by Steve Demedash, creates pedals with their own distinct color and sound.  With designs inspired by the aesthetics of the 1980s and lo-fi audio, Demedash Effects focuses on helping artists achieve tones rooted in a more romantic era.

Anasounds is also from France, and they design and build distortion, fuzz, and compression effects pedals featuring intricate designs on their metal and wood enclosures.  Among their designs is the Full Story Collector's Edition, which both celebrates and expands upon the history of a legendary distortion pedal.

BIG EAR pedals, which is run by Grant and Karen, craft a series of distortion, time-based effects mixed with modulation, and fuzz pedals.  Their limited runs of pedals are increasingly rare and some of the most loved pedal brands in the United States.

Rooted in New York and raised on noise, Death By Audio pedals in this collection cover distortion, fuzz, and feedback.  Their unique style and artwork yields pedals that arguably look exactly like how they sound.

Dreadbox, of Greece, create synthesizers, modular synths, and desktop effects units, though their origins lay in pedals.  With their Kinematic, they blended a compressor with a filter in this analog unit.  it is at home working with electronic musical instruments and guitars alike.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors, which is run by Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll, is based in Oklahoma, where they hand-build their wide range of pedals, including overdrive and distortion pedals which are featured in this collection.  The artwork on each pedal is designed by artists they commission, and their build quality is among the best in the industry.  

Strymon designs and constructs a broad range of pedals in their home state, California.  In our FX: DYNAMICS + HEAT collection, you will find some of their best designs, including a compressor with boost, an amp modeler and cab simulator, and dual overdrive.  Their reputation for building colorful, reliable, inspired, and well-crafted pedals spans decades.

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