The Midium


Effects units can enhance your sound by introducing new color and space to familiar synths or audio sources, and they can either add to the effects already onboard your favorite electronic musical instruments.  External hardware effects also allow you to build custom effects chains based specifically on your tastes and needs.  Multi-effects units combine a range of effects into one unit and thus offer quality, value, and convenience.  In our collection, The Midium® features both the abstract and the straightforward.

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Multi-effects units like those crafted by SOMA Laboratory, Erica Synths, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and Death By Audio cover a broad range of applications.  Some units, like the SOMA Laboratory COSMOS, uniquely remember the sounds they process and reproduce them as a function of time and space.  Others, though, play more with modulation, dynamics, time and space, and a combination thereof.  Each unit in our collection is special, so we invite you to view each one and familiarize yourself with their descriptions and videos.  The right effect can change an entire song or define your sound, so choose wisely and enjoy the journey.

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