The Midium


Modular synthesizers, effects, and utilities are capable of manifold functions, and reside in proper cases (also referred to as skiffs or racks) in order to coexist.  Modular patch cables and other connectivity options offer the links and bridges between modules, and must always be both of the highest quality and extremely ergonomic, as Eurorack modules often feature tight spaces and numerous jacks. 

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Modular synths can use 1/8" plugs, alligator clips, and other connector types.  Since modular synths have specific power and space requirements, and skiffs and cases are designed to hold a finite amount of modules (using "HP" as a way to measure space occupied by a module and a skiff's maximum space), make sure to plan your modular wisely.  Please take your time looking through our collection.  You can email your questions to, or call us during hours operation at 661.666.7293.