The Midium


Our collection of drum machines and grooveboxes is comprised of instruments from creators and brands who understand that there are many ways to form rhythms and engage in the creative process.  Included are workstations, samplers, and synthesizers capable of other functions in addition to drum and rhythm sequencing.

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Drum machines and grooveboxes come in so many different shapes, sizes, and form factors, not to mention that there are innumerable ways to interface with them.  Sometimes, typically electronic percussion instruments take you beyond straight-up drum sequencing and into the realm of sound design.  Some allow you to synthesize – or design – your own sounds, work with samples, interface with modular setups, or rely mostly on live input and playing.  Others have additional functions best engaged through a computer, or that also allow you to sequence other instruments.  At the heart of every drum machine and groovebox is its sound, and in most cases, its sequencer.  Our collection shows you different ways to create rhythms and sounds, with varying levels of complexity.

From four-on-the-floor patterns to experimental polyrhythmic sequences, you can approach your music and art from various angles with our carefully curated drum machines and grooveboxes below.