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Our main curated collection of electronic instruments, titled SYNTHS + INSTRUMENTS, presents you with digital and analog tools that address a myriad of electronic musicians' creative needs: performance and reliability, sound design and programmability, rhythms, both innovative and accessible user interfaces, and interconnectivity with modular setups, with the latter included towards the end of this larger set.  For each focused sub-collection, please visit their respective sections via our site's navigation tools.

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Creations from some of the world's leading minds in musical instrument design follow, for you to review and see how they could help you realize your own creative vision.  You might recognize the technologies presented herein, and some may include either new ways of interacting with electronic musical instruments, or perhaps a unique interface enhanced by the support of computers and tablets, all while another set may reflect the newest directions that music technology is headed.

Please contact The Midium® with any questions you might have, either by telephone during our normal hours of operation, or by our contact form, anytime.  We would love to hear from you!