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The technology found in loudspeakers, dynamic speakers, and other related electroacoustic transducers dates back to the late 19th century, with inventors finding new ways of reproducing and projecting sound ever since.  Most monitors and resonators consist of a coil that receives a signal and passes it through a magnetic field; the cone at the end (or driver), which is typically housed in an enclosure and baffle, moves the air around it, creating sound waves.  Our collection introduces an innovative French-made wooden resonant chamber to the evolution of this technology.

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The Onde by La Voix Du Luthier turns signals made by synths, drum machines, samplers, microphones, and other electronic instruments and media into organic sounds emanating from an artfully made wooden resonant chamber.  Designed and built by Christophe Duquesne and Marc Lucas, the Onde is both a functional part of a studio and performance, as well as an inspirational work of art.

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