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The Midium® interviews Antoine Petroff of Kernom

The Midium® interviews Antoine Petroff of Kernom

In its vastness, the world of effects pedals stretches to the very ends of one's imagination, as you can change time, space, tone, pitch, rhythm, and more into your own unique art with just a few knobs and a switch.  Since they are relatively affordable when compared to larger effects consoles and rack units, and can yield high-quality results that rival larger processors, effects pedals allow more artists than ever before to write part of that "vastness" into their own compositions.

The first effects pedals that became widely available in the second half of the 20th century were meant for guitarists; as decades went by, though, artists and inventors alike have found potential in pedals for sound design and tone creation while playing other instruments.  From the simple tremolo pedals of the late 1940s to the most unusual multi-effects units of the 2020s, the world of guitar pedals is a sort of "final frontier" for artists who experiment with sound.

Today, in Paris, France, a group of four friends run a special company named Kernom.  Through Kernom, they (Antoine Petroff, Charles Riche, Jeremy Savonet, and Nicolas Joos) design and build effects pedals inspired by an interdisciplinary approach that draws from music, science, design, and architecture, and their two creations thus far––RIDGE and MOHO––give artists new ways to create with––and communicate with––overdrive and fuzz, respectively.  

In 2022, Paris-based Kernom invented the Kernom RIDGE: the world's first "augmented analog" overdrive pedal, according to our friends at Kernom.  The upcoming Kernom MOHO builds on that same design and technical philosophy, and adds a new color to Kernom's expanding palette of effects processors and guitar pedals.   

In our interview with Antoine Petroff, we learn about the history of Kernom, the essence of the Kernom RIDGE, and Kernom's outlook for the Kernom MOHO.

So, it is with great pleasure that The Midium® proudly presents Kernom as part of our carefully curated collection of inventors, electronic musical instruments, and effects units that mean something more.  To see our Kernom collection, please click here.

Now, please sit back, relax, and enjoy our conversation at NAMM 2023 with Antoine Petroff of Kernom.  

(extra points if you can count the amount of times that Cam says, "Fantastic." LOL)