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When choosing a synthesizer, sometimes you need to look at both keyboards and desktop modules to see which synth best suits your artistic vision and workspace.  This carefully curated collection brings together keyboard synths and desktop synth modules, as well as drum machines that have some synthesis properties.  It is organized to show you our curated options within specific price ranges and brand groupings that flow from one to the other.

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When choosing your next instrument, there are times when you prefer a keyboard because it has things like aftertouch and MPE, a number of keys that you're looking for, or maybe you want to use it as a main controller for other synths or modules in your setup.  Then, of course, there's always that love of being surrounded by keyboard synths.  So much of the relationship between artist and studio is both practical (i.e. How does it help me make the sounds and art I want?) and emotional (i.e. how does it make me feel when I use it?). 

In the other dimension of our DESKTOP + KEYS collection you will find desktop synthesizer modules and drum machines that offer everything from virtual analog and wavetable synthesis to FM synthesis, sample manipulation, and video.  When space is a premium or when you prefer to interact with a synth in ways that don't involve a keyboard, desktop synths leave you open to experiment with various control methods.  While a keyboard with MIDI, CV, or USB ports allow you to do the same, desktop synths and drum machines eschew keys completely, and may offer an extra layer of convenience on top of the synthesizer's functions.

The brands we have curated at The Midium all have fascinating stories behind their creations, and they care about the machines they make.  If you have any questions, please call us during our normal hours of operation, or send us an email.


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