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Polyend' description of the Polyend Tracker Mini portable standalone workstation and sampler

Make an album on the go.

The highly acclaimed Polyend Tracker has evolved.  Tracker Mini is a portable standalone audio workstation with 8 tracks to sequence stereo audio and MIDI, audio-over-usb functionality, a built-in battery and microphone, gamepad-quality buttons and a host of sampling and sound design tools.  

With an improved user interface, more memory, stereo sampling, and performance enhancements, we've made it even more powerful.  The Mini is only small in size.

Like Tracker, but more.

We’ve refined the signal path to provide more headroom and pristine stereo audio playback. Additionally, we’ve added genre-specific sample packs pre-designed by professional artists to help you get started making music faster. The sampling time has been increased to four times the capacity of the original Tracker, and the audio over USB and USB MIDI make it perfect for hybrid setups.
The Polyend Track Mini, at an angle.
You can add individual track effects, record directly to your laptop, or mix and master in your DAW. The included travel case will keep your Tracker safe while you do what you love in new places.

A studio in your hands.

Tracker Mini has all the necessary tools to to create an album, whether you want to start with the included sample pack or record your own.  

You can convert samples to instruments, control external devices, create simple or complex compositions, mix tracks, master, and export songs.  The Mini has got you covered.  

It’s full of features.

Polyend Tracker Mini screen view.


8 universal tracks for audio and MIDI.  Each step consists of Note, Instrument, and 2 FX.  The pattern can be as short as one step or as long as 128 steps.

Instrument Parameters and Automation.

This mode allows you to set basic instrument parameters, effects, and sophisticated automation with plenty of envelopes and LFOs.

Polyend Tracker Mini, sample player.

Sample Player.

Play your samples as they are, or create an instrument with modes like Forward, Backward, or Ping Pong Loop.

Polyend Tracker Mini, slicer.

Slicer and Beat Slicer.

This mode is perfect for making jungle breakbeats or creating a sample kit in one instrument.  You can set the slices manually, equally, or automatically.

Polyend Tracker Mini, wavetable synthesizer.

Wavetable Synthesizer.

Make a synthesizer out of anything, or use one of the pre-made wavetables from the supplied collection.

Polyend Tracker Mini, granular synthesizer.

Granular Synthesizer.

Experiment with this one-grain synthesizer to make unique-sounding synth tracks.

Polyend Tracker Mini, sample editor.

Sample Editor.

This module allows you to apply many creative and useful "offline" effects.

Polyend Tracker Mini, sample loader.

Sample Loader.

Manage your custom sound library or access over 50 professional sample packs and wavetables.

Polyend Tracker Mini, sample recorder.

Sample recorder.

Here, you can record samples with a built-in microphone or via line-in.  The added metronome lets you record music in tempo with the song.  Also, during recording, the pattern can be activated to send MIDI steps to external devices.

Polyend Tracker Mini, song mode.


This mode allows the fastest and easiest way of creating structure out of patterns.  You can repeat sections, copy/paste tracks between slots, and duplicate patterns.

Polyend Tracker Mini, performance mode.


A complex module that allows performing with your patterns.  You can set a custom array of effects and apply them to the chosen tracks.  Here, you can also mix tracks from different patterns.

Polyend Tracker Mini, mixer and master.

Mixer and Master.

To finalize your song, you can mix volumes of tracks and apply many master effects like saturator, limiter, EQ, bass booster, and space enhancer.


Breathe life into your tracks.

Equipped with a high-quality microphone and an onboard battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime, the Tracker Mini enables you to instantly transform your surroundings into a musical canvas.
You can create a sample pack from a camping trip or craft a drum kit from your morning commute. Store your sonic memories, get inspired, and leave the studio behind.

Capable and compatible.

Projects created on the original Tracker are fully compatible with the Mini, allowing you to start a song in the studio and finish it on the go.
Polyend Tracker Mini and the original Polyend Tracker.
Tracker Mini has a complete MIDI implementation, enabling you to control any external gear or use it as part of a larger setup. For greater convenience, you can also connect it to a MIDI keyboard to input notes.

Tracker Mini in action.





Drum & Bass.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop.



Detailed specs.

Polyend Tracker Mini, detailed specs 1.

Polyend Tracker Mini, detailed specs 2.

Read the official owner's manual here.