The Midium

Anasounds' description of the Anasounds Feed Me mk3 Fuzz pedal


The legendary fuzz from the 60’s, in an ultimate version.

We no longer need to introduce this famous circular fuzz pedal, which produced the iconic sound of many guitarists in the 60’s.

With its two volume and gain controls forming a smiling face, it offers a unique sound going from a creamy and dynamic fuzz to a powerful and punchy fuzz with sharp trebles.  The extremely simple circuit offers a lot of space for customization, hence our own interpretation of the mythical pedal with the Feed Me.

The Feed Me mk3 is ultra versatile and customizable. You can get the classic sound of the 60’s model, rich in trebles and sustain.

But also a thick and fat fuzz, for more modern sounds close to stoner tones. Or a garage rock style gated fuzz by using the Crack and Smash controls for a velcro texture.

While remaining ultra expressive and responsive as always to the guitar’s volume and tone controls, with the Feed control, for warm cleans.