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Anasounds' description of the Anasounds Full Story Collector's Edition + 7 Tone Card Library



Recognizing the people behind a musical instrument's creation is as vital as recognizing the artist who plays it.  In that spirit, The Midium® asked Anasounds to please choose someone who would represent the brand to sign two of the Full Story Collector's Edition pedals in our collection.  They nominated Mathilde, who would go on to sign "Anasounds" on the right side panel to honor the entire team for their efforts to bring this historic pedal to life.  As part of an already limited 250-unit run, our two Signature Edition units form an extremely rare segment of the discontinued series.  It is The Midium®'s hope that you feel a deeper connection with your Anasounds Full Story Collector's Edition + 7 Tone Card Library Signature Edition, with the knowledge that the makers have added a personal touch to the units in our collection.  We hope you enjoy this special pedal, as Anasounds put so much of themselves into this tribute to––and expansion of––a timeless classic.


The Full Story concept.

Back in 1969, in New York City, a fuzz / distortion pedal was born and it immediately became the gold standard for any musician looking for the fattest possible sound.

Whether you’re a guitarist, bass player, or even keyboard player, one of those fuzz is enough to get a huge gain-laden distortion with a compressed tone and scooped mids.  It works for super fat rhythms and infinite-sustain solos.
Through half-a-century of existence, that pedal has been through many versions with varying circuits and sounds. 

Each one of us has an ideal circuit in mind, and there are some existing pedals that offer a selection of different versions. But everything we’ve tried so fat has left us with the bitter taste of an unfinished process.  As soon as we tried to compare those “multi-fuzz” pedals with the few vintage pieces we’ve managed to borrow from collector friends, the verdict was final.

We’ve had to develop our own concept, and this is how the Full Story came to be. It tells the full story of this fabulous pedal like you’ve never played it through seven different versions.

In order to get the actual sound of each version without any compromise, we have come up with the Tone Cards, little circuits that can be installed inside the Full Story and allow you to get the original vintage sound without sacrificing any part of your tone.

The tone cards: an upgradeable pedal.

Our proprietary system with interchangeable cards has become the only viable way to reach the sound of the original pedals without building a Full Story that would take up seven spaces on your pedalboard!

We have spent a long time listening to original vintage pedals and we have selected the seven most exciting and musically interesting pedals, which we have used to create our circuits with the exact same sound, by constantly comparing them to the originals.

The Tone Cards are not mere approximations: they are sonically identical to our favorite artists and albums.  After having spent a few months developing that proprietary format, It is very likely that we’re going to use it for future new and custom versions.

Easily swapable cards.

You would be forgiven for thinking electronic cards are fragile accessories.
Quite the opposite in fact: they are really solid, and we built them with robust connections to withstand even the most brutal card changes.

The card change is a very straightforward operation. Once the enclosure has been opened, you don’t need any tools, you just have to pull on the card to remove it. Then you can just connect another card.

For those who are used to plugging everything the wrong way around, we’ve thought about you! We’ve built the cards with keyed connection so they will always be aligned the right way.


the full story collector’s edition

That exclusive limited-edition boxset (250 pieces only) gathers the seven Tone Cards and allows you to choose two different versions in the same pedal.  You may set one up for rhythm, the other for solos, or even stack the two in series, and we’ve even added a treble booster.

Like the two spots for fuzz cards, the booster also has an independent footswitch. Therefore, you may also use it without the distortions.

This gets you seven possible combinations with only three footswitches, and we’re not even counting the possibilities when you start changing the cards around.

One thing for sure is that the Full Story will not be made again in that shape and form, at that price with the seven Tone Cards once the 250 pieces have been sold.  Don’t hesitate too long!


Unique and collectable packaging.

With that limited edition featuring the seven Tone Cards, we’ve chosen to offer a unique packaging custom-made for the version. That understated and elegant box allows you to keep your seven cards handy.

That packaging will only be available with that limited edition.


Two channels, more possibilities.

We know you will want to switch versions without having to open the pedal, which is why the limited edition has two spots to insert your Tone Cards. This allows you to get two fully independent channels, each with its own settings and footswitch.

The footswitch in the middle activates the card in the Main Fuzz spot, with the three silver knobs and the Anasounds logo, while the left footswitch activates the Secondary Fuzz card, controlled by three smaller back-lit knobs.  You may also stack them in series for even more sounds and possibilities!


Vintage treble booster.

The Full Story already has a monster sound when used on its own. But it also stacks really well with boost pedals, which is why we’ve built a germanium boost inside this limited edition. We’ve been inspired by a timeless classic treble booster for our circuit.

It can be switched on independently with the right footswitch. We’ve also added a four-position knob that gives you access to four voicings, from full range boost to classic treble booster that cuts the low-end.

Guitar pickup impedance simulator.

Vintage germanium pedals like boost or fuzz have a tendency not to sound their best when they’re not directly connected to your guitar. For them to work properly, they must match the impedance of the pickups, otherwise you might get problems with piercing highs and ground noise.

To avoid that issue, we’ve built a pickup-simulator inside the pedal, which guarantees you a proper sound wherever you choose to put your Full Story in your signal chain.


Modular boost section.

We’ve taken the Tone Cards concept to its maximum. The treble booster circuit is also on a small removable card, which means we’re gonna be able to develop other boost circuits to replace it.

Many circuits work perfectly when stacked with the big fuzz, so in the future we may develop other boost circuits that can be used with this limited edition…


Fuzz for bass players.

That big fuzz / distortion is often used on bass, and we have not forgotten that for our version. The seven cards have been developed to offer the best possible response in the low-end without changing the original sound and playing feel on the guitar.

The Full Story works just as well with a bass or a guitar.