The Midium

Anasounds' description of the Anasounds FX Driver mid-boost overdrive mono pedal


Much more than a simple boost.

We all know the legendary green mid-boost overdrive.  We have been using it as the best tool to boost an amp already crunched.  Gain at 0, volume at full and here we go!  We cut through the mix, we are in the spotlight and we avoid overlapping the spectrum of the other band mates. 

Terminal blocks.

VOICING, only capacitors are screwed on.
Depending on the capacitor chosen, we will boost more bass, medium or treble.

DIODES, only diodes are screwed on.
It allows to have more or less saturation and different harmonics.


The following trimpots are used to voicing the effect.  When they are turned clockwise, gain is added to the selected frequency band.  The effect becomes more saturated and more modern.  On the other hand, warmer and more vintage.

BASS, acts on the bass when the voicing switch is up.
CUSTOM, acts on the screwed capacitor to the terminal block when the voicing switch is at the bottom.



Originally a 47nF, we can use:
22nF, for more high-mids (this is the upper position of the voicing switch)
68nF, for wider mids
220nF, for more low-mids
470nF, for more bass


From factory, 2 diodes 1N914, we can also use :
2* 1N4001, for dense and modern compression
2* LED 3mm red, for a lot of saturation
2* diodes of a 2N7000 + 1* 1N34 to find the OCD grain (our favorite)