The Midium

Anasounds' description of the Anasounds Lazy Comp dynamics and compression pedal


Another compressor?

Tired of spending hours to set thresholds, ratio, attacks, release…?

Anasounds’ team wondered if it was possible to find compression, dynamics and harmonics in one pedal, thus the lazy comp was born.

Why the lazy comp?

The Lazy Comp is an optical compressor, fully adjusted in house. on the front, there is a single setting: the mix (dry/wet), it… Mixes clean and compressed sound.

The lazy side of the pedal refers to the fact that this is a plug & play compressor, just turn the mix potentiometer to find happiness.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this analog compressor of incomparable quality hides a specific circuit providing a natural compression and saving the dynamics necessary for a warm and strong sound.


The Lazy Comp In Depth.


The sound entering the Lazy Comp is copied into 2 paths : “clean” and “comp”

  • the output is controlled by the blend knob
  • the “comp” channel also has an analog preamp ideal for a warm clean tone
  • optical compression

The optical compression achieved is the wise combination of 2 circuits.

Get your tone by going inside.


0% : very light compression ///// 100% : the OPA may start to saturate because of the amount of compression demanded!


0% : the compressor can no longer output sound ///// 100% : the more you blend the more output volume you get!


0% : no light ///// 100% : powerful light

Get your tone by going outside.

the blend is the only external setting

0% : you only have the sound of your guitar as with a bypass

100% : the sound is compressed as on a conventional compressor

On the other hand, if we adjust it in the middle for example, we have a mix of “clean” and “comp” very interesting hence the dynamics and the compression!