The Midium

Anasounds' description of the Anasounds Tape Preamp dynamic JFET boost and overdrive pedal


The Sonic Character of a Tape Echo in a Pedal.

We all know about tape echoes, the first delay technology providing organic and slightly distorted repeats.  This particular tone is due to two elements: the magnetic tape and all the imperfections it implies, but also the internal preamp.  Many musicians, such as Eric Johnson, have used their tape echoes in a different way, using the preamp alone, without the echo, as a dirty boost to overload their amps and make them saturate while bringing a unique character.

The Tape Preamp was inspired by the JFET preamp circuit of a popular tape echo from the 70’s, known for its unique delay and warm preamp.

Of course, we couldn’t stop there, and we redesigned the circuit in our own way to offer a whole new range of tones, while keeping the original character of the effect. All of this without the need for a real tape echo.