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Description of the Black Market modular monomult splitter hub 3.5mm

As a passive signal splitter you can use in your modular setup, the Black Market Modular Monomult splitter hub is perfect for extending a connection or cable, and for sending your signal to multiple destinations. If you work with Eurorack gear, the Monomult is an essential accessory.

As for Black Market Modular, the company is run by Eric Fox, in the upper Midwest and the land of ten thousand lakes: Minnesota. They are responsive when you need them, and are well-versed in the nuanced language of modular synthesis. We're glad to have Black Market Modular in our curated collection of brands, as they are the genuine article, doing all of this for the love of music and the technology.

We also carry Black Market Modular 3.5mm cables in various colors and lengths. Add them to your order for added savings on shipping, and make sure that you always have enough high quality cables that you can count on.

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