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Collision Devices' description of the Collision Devices CRUSHTURNAL



Recognizing the people behind a musical instrument's creation is as vital as recognizing the artist who plays it.  In that spirit, The Midium® asked Collision Devices to please sign the Collision Devices CRUSHTURNAL pedals in our collection.  They decided to sign as a team, which is very fitting for a tightly knit group of friends developing unique pedals, together, in their shop in France.  Our exclusive Signature Edition units form an extremely rare segment of this series.  Please note that since each pedal was individually signed, signature placement may of course vary from the example in the photo you'll find in the gallery.  It is The Midium®'s hope that you feel a deeper connection with your Collision Devices CRUSHTURNAL Signature Edition pedal, with the knowledge that the makers have added a personal touch to the units in our collection.  We hope you enjoy this special pedal, as the proudly French group of friends at Collision Devices put so much of themselves into their designs.





CRUSHTURNAL takes it inspiration from the glitch created by clock change on digital processors.

It delays, reverberates, destroys, microloops, shifts the pitch or harmonizes your signal, and much more.  Everything in a very creative way thanks to its clock sequencer that can be synced to a tap tempo or an external signal.  It has three parts: an ambience, a digital repeater, and a sequencer.

Completely built in France. From the enclosure to the circuit. Assembled by hand in our workshop.

The CRUSHTURNAL has a lifetime warranty. Of course.



CRUSHTURNAL is a happy accident. 

Take the Nocturnal.  Crush it.  Get CRUSHTURNAL. 

CRUSHTURNAL is a Digital Delay/ Sample Reducer/ Reverb / Clock sequencer pedal. This ambient and harmonization pedal is split in 3 parts. 



- "Ambience" section is inspired by the Nocturnal's shimmer.

A cathedral reverb with pitch shifting effect in cascades to create a shiny and expressive reverb.


- "Digital Repeater" is our take on digital delay and sample manipulation. A robotic repeater where each repeat can be infinitely sampled and reduced according to your wishes.

Both sections are controlled by a Clock knob. It acts on reverb and delay length and sample rate.


- "Sequencer" is a step sequencer added on the Clock control. It simulates clock moves with the selec­ted musical intervals at the desired rate. It also has a CV/Exp input to control the clock. The Step Sequencer can be used with a CV output to control other devices. And the sequencer has a tap tempo+ a Sync input to control its rate.

To sum up, you can create textures, harmonize, repeat and destroy your signal. Exactly what we're all looking for, right?