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Critter & Guitari's description of the Critter & Guitari EYESY

Welcome to the world of the EYESY™ - Critter & Guitari's video synthesizer!

The EYESY reacts to your music to create endlessly mesmerizing visuals. Simply plug it in and start creating.  But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the EYESY, there are many features and goodies hidden 
inside. Whether you are creating live visuals, working on a music video, or want to program your own graphics, the EYESY will become an indispensable tool.

Key Feature Modes
The EYESY comes with numerous pattern generators called modes. Navigate the modes using buttons, and then tweak their visual appearance using five knobs. The modes respond to audio input in various ways; from smooth undulating patterns to rapid fire animations. The controls allow you to effect various elements of the patterns and colors. There is also
a setting that allows the graphics to pile up in vibrant collages.

Key Feature
Save and Load
Store your current settings and screen grabs.

When you happen upon a setting that you like, press the scene save button to save it. This scene can now be recalled at a future time. 

You can press the screen grab button to take a picture of the current frame, providing a quick way to generate interesting still images from your moving videos. Access all of your screen grabs from the 
browser-based interface.

Key Feature
MIDI Input
The EYESY's USB-MIDI & TRS-MIDI inputs offer a wide range of controllability. Incoming MIDI Notes and Clock can change a mode's behavior. The knobs can automated by sending MIDI controller messages from a sequencer or your favorite performance software. Program Change messages may also be sent to select your saved scenes.

Key Feature
Curate your EYESY for you.
You can add and remove the pattern generating modes to make the device as simple or complex as you like. The saved scenes are stored in a single 
file that can be saved and edited. All of the resources are managed through a simple-to-use web browser-based interface.

Key Feature
If you really want to go deep, you can also program your own modes for the EYESY. Edit and create your own modes! The modes are all open source and based on an open platform. You can make changes to the modes and create new modes using the browser-based editor. Modes are written in the Python 
programming language.

Video Output:
• NTSC (Composite Video Out Jack)
• PAL (Composite Video Out Jack)

• 720p (HDMI Video Out Jack)
• 1080p (HDMI Video Out Jack)
• ¼" Stereo Audio Input

• MIDI Input: ⅛” TRS-MIDI Jack 

• MIDI Input: USB-MIDI (for class compliant devices)

• LINK: Sync to LINK tempo via WiFi

• Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

• 1.2GHz Processor


Physical Characteristics:
• Size: 6.0 x 3.5 x 2.2" / 15.24 x 8.9 x 5.6 cm. Height includes knobs.

• Powder Coated Aluminum

• Rubber Foot Pads

Included Items:
• Power Supply:
Input: 100-240VAC @ 50/60Hz. Output: 9VDC, 1.3A, Center-positive polarity.
• USB-WiFi Adapter (Ralink 5370 Chipset, 2.4GHz)

Included Storage:
• A microSD card holds the operating system and modes. There is ~4GB for available for mode storage.