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Critter & Guitari's description of the Critter & Guitari Video Scope


Overview: Black & White video synth.

If you ever wanted an audio-reactive video synthesizer, you have come to the right place!  There are three 'flavors' of Video Scope: the classic Video Scope, the graphic Rhythm Scope, and the monochromatic Black & White Video Scope.

They operate the same way: connect an audio source such as a synth, electric guitar, groove box, vocals, etc., and instantly see your sound on a TV, projector, or capture device! The only difference is the style of visuals they create.

The Mode knob sets the visuals while the Gain knob fine tunes the incoming audio signal to suit the imagery.

Monochromeo, Wherefore Art Thou?

Black & White Video Scope

Only two colors needed for these visuals!

It has the best of oscilloscopes and beat sync modes! Looks great on its own, or as a chroma/luminance key in a larger video synth setup.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Size: 3.73 x 2.95 x 1.81" / 9.47 x 7.49 x 4.6 cm. Length includes jack. Height includes knobs.
  • Weight: 3.2oz / 90g


  • Composite Video Out - NTSC Format Only
  • ¼" Monophonic Audio Input
  • 2.1mm Center-positive barrel connector for power input

Included Items:

  • Power Supply:
    Input: 100-240VAC @ 50/60Hz. Output: 9VDC, 1.3A, Center-positive polarity.

Black & White Video Scope:

  • Black PLA enclosure
  • 16 Modes - including one Random Mode