The Midium

Death By Audio's description of the Death By Audio Micro Dream

Playing the fifteen-minute-power-nap to the Echo Dream 2’s full-on Rip Van Winkle, the Micro Dream is a bite-sized echo snack for the modern musician on the go. This tasty lo-fi delay pedal takes the gooey,
ectoplasmic sound of the Echo Dream 2 and packs it into a compact enclosure to deliver vivid slapback tones, chewy psychedelic echoes, and up to one full
second of kaleidoscopic delay that’ll turn even your wildest echo dreams lucid.

At shorter delay times, the Micro Dream dishes out vibrant, bouncy repeats tight enough to use as an always-on double-tracking effect to thicken up single note runs and some light riffage. As you increase the TIME control, the Micro Dream opens up a higher level of consciousness with grainier repeats and a more sinister vibe as the longer times push the delay chip past its limit, introducing stretched, smeared, pseudo-looping delays so psych’d out you’ll be hearing colors and tasting music.  

The Micro Dream’s F BACK control adjusts the delay repeats from a single repeat right through hazy atmospheric dreaminess all the way to demented self-oscillating feedback. This control covers a wide range of sounds, so we’ve included an INTERNAL F BACK TRIMPOT to adjust exactly where on the potentiometer self-oscillation happens and help you dial in the proper ambience for your musical sojourn to the untapped outer reaches of the unconscious mind.

If you’re the kind who forgets your dreams, turn ‘em up! The DELAY knob controls the level of the repeats and is equipped with enough output to make the delay louder than the clean signal for rich, thick echoes that bulk up your sound and stand up in even the busiest mix. Now wake up and start playing!  

F Back:
 Controls the delay feedback from a
single repeat, thru slapback echoes, to wild runaway oscillation.  

Internal F Back Trimpot:
adjusts the point on the F
Back control at which self-oscillation occurs.  
NOTE: Each Micro Dream’s internal trimpot is 
carefully tuned at the factory to produce infinite repeats (but not self-oscillation) when the F BACK control is set between 2-3 o’clock. For extra feedback and self-oscillation, remove the four screws on the backplate and turn the internal trimpot clockwise. For finer control over the F BACK knob, turn the internal trimpot counterclockwise. 

 Controls the delay time (shown in
NOTE: At 600ms and above, the delay chip is pushed
past its limits for longer, unpredictable delays with a grainer texture, and there may be a small amount of noise.  

Adjusts the volume of the delay signal. At
maximum settings the delay is louder than the clean signal.  

Dimensions: 4.95" x 2.61" x 2.34"
(including hardware)

11 oz.

9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative
center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).

Current Draw: 28 mA.