The Midium


Demedash Effects' description of the Demedash Effects T-60 Analog Modulator


Instantly overlay a worn-out layer of stretched tape to your playing. Let it wander. Let the years in the attic speak for themselves. Crinkles, wear and instability add character. Get lost in the lush stereo output.

A fully analog bucket brigade chorus, the T-60 never digitizes your signal, but will nonetheless manage to do things with it you haven't conceived of. A digital LFO allows for unprecedented creativity, including two simultaneously generated LFOs that can be blended together and distorted in glitchy ways.

A meticulously crafted all-analog signal path that includes careful filtering, compression and expansion ensures the lowest possible noise while still letting your lively high end come through. The ability to sound like a real, raw analog signal was greatly important in its design, and as such, it never sounds processed or artificial, even when making sounds that are out of this world.



  • Depth: Set how widely the pitch is swayed by the LFO

    • Regen [Depth Secondary]: Control the amount of feedback from the delay output to the delay input - enhances the thickness of the chorus, and at higher settings and low lag times, allows for flange and matrix filter effects

  • Rate: Set speed of LFO

    • Divs [Rate Secondary]: Select from 4 tap division options.

  • Mix: mix output from full dry to fully wet.

  • Chop: induce independent rhythmic, glitching effects in both of the LFOs - Apply a sample and hold effect to the Periodic LFO, and reduce the smoothness of the Random LFO.

    • Random [Chop Secondary]: Mix the output of the two lfos. Turning from counter-clockwise to fully clockwise blends from completely periodic to completely random.

  • Lag: Sets the resting clock speed/delay time of the wet signal. Shorter times yield phasing, filter-like and flangy effects, while longer times yield thick chorus, wide vibrato, and seasick pitch swing.

  • EQ: A tilt EQ that allows you to cut bass or treble from the wet signal. Cut bass to add sparkle to your chorus. Cut treble to get a warm, dark classic BBD sound. Can be set to apply to the dry signal as well.

Other Features:

Tap Tempo with 4 selectable division options

Ability to apply tap tempo to either the Chop control or to the Rate control

Holding down ‘Tap/Ramp’ ramps either the Chop parameter or the Rate parameter. Ramp Speed can be controlled, and there are two types of ramping to choose from.

The EQ control can be set to apply to the wet signal only (default), or to both the wet and dry signal for additional coloration.

Stereo output available by using a TRS plug in the output jack.

Spec Sheet:

  • 9VDC Operation with 90mA Current Draw (adapter not included, no battery compartment)

  • 125B enclosure Size (4.7”x2.5”x1.6” )

  • Mono In, Stereo Out

  • ~500kOhm Input Impedance, 1k Output impedance

  • Soft switching

  • Buffered Bypass (mono in, dual mono out via TRS)

  • Premium Anodized Aluminum Knobs