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Dreadbox's description of the Dreadbox Raindrops stereo delay / pitch shifter / reverb pedal


Dreadbox Raindrops is a Hybrid Delay/Pitch Shifter/Reverb pedal that takes the concept of short echos to a different level

It is equipped with multiple delay stages and different chips and you can choose between 3 different play modes, where in each one you can have a whole new experience and alternative soundscapes. You can achieve from simple short echos, to long, dirty and lo-fi delays and from simple pitch shifting bursts to extensively lasting reverbs.

  • Delay, Pitch Shifter, Reverb

  • Hybrid circuit with multiple delay stages and ICs

  • Delay times from 50ms up to 1 sec with tap tempo
    (above 700ms starts to become lo-fi and some dirt is added to the repeats)

  • True stereo in and out

  • 3 different algorithms:
    Modulated delay
    Pitch shifted delay
    Lush reverb

  • Preset memory for each algorithm



  • Standard Delay
  • Shimmering Delay
  • Modulated Delay
  • Delay with Reverb on the repeats
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • Pitch Shift Up
  • Noise Machine



Analog Dry signal / Hybrid Delay / Digital Reverb

Buffered OpAmp

True Stereo IN/OUT

Inputs / Outputs
TS Unbalanced 6.4mm jack

Power Supply
9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.1mm (NOT INCLUDED)

Dimensions (cm)
14 x 10 x 5.6

Current Draw


Read the official owner's manual here.