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Kiviak Instruments' description of the Kiviak Instruments WoFI portable lofi connected sampler and synthesizer


THE MIDIUM® CURATOR'S NOTE: New Inventor, New Instrument

ERIN: In the summer of 2023, Cam and I became aware of Kiviak Instruments and their upcoming WoFI portable lofi sampler and synthesizer.  After speaking at length with Kiviak Instruments founder Romain Giannetti and learning more about his company, his background in the tech industry and his life as a musician, as well as the capabilities of the WoFI and its benefits to our Artists, The Midium® opened our digital doors to Kiviak Instruments and bade them welcome to our carefully curated collection.  At the time of this writing (5 September 2023), Kiviak Instruments' planned official release was slated for Q1 of 2024.  As dates and pricing become clearer, and as more information becomes available, The Midium® will update our listings accordingly.  Please keep in touch with any questions and either call us by phone, DM us via Instagram (@the_midium), send us an email, or send us a message through our contact form.  Thanks!



WoFI is a portable Sampler keyboard that connects to the internet via WiFi, and features an innovative effect module called Texturer that combines elements of shimmer and granular synthesis to create unique and fascinating sounds.

Its compact size and intuitive interface make it an ideal tool for musicians and producers who are always on the move. In addition, WoFI comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to create music anywhere you go without worrying about power. You can also share your patches and access sound banks from other sound designers through the community platform. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, WoFI offers endless possibilities for exploring new sonic territories and creating unique sounds.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI player module.


The Player lets you color your sound with our emulations of classic samplers and their different sampler player modes.  Make it clean, dirty, or anywhere in between.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI enveloppe module.


Sculpt your sound with the Enveloppe that can be assigned to WoFI's amp, filter, or both.


Kiviak Instruments WoFI manager module.


With the Manager and its display, get a visual feedback on all your tweakings, manage your sample library, access to content through WiFi and play with the touch strip. Oh, and there is no subscription needed for  Having WoFI gives you free access to the community.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI filter module.


The filter lets you play WoFI like classic subtractive synthesizers.  It's a digital low-pass filter with two different slopes (12db and 24db) and a tasty resonance.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI texturer module.


The Texturer is here to bring you to unexplored sonic territories.  Elevate your sound with this effect halfway between a shimmer FX and granular synthesis.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI lfo module.


The LFO lets you modulate your creation.  With three different wave shapes, assign it to any parameter on the front panel and give motion to the sound.  



Kiviak Instruments WoFI sequencer module.


The Sequencer lets you build melodic patterns with the 16 polyphonic steps. It can be used as an arpeggiator, too. You can have your two hands free to play along with the sequence and tweak your sound while it is looping. Oh, and you can also step sequence parameters, which makes it another modulation source in addition of the LFO and the Enveloppe.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI recorder module.


The Recorder let you either capture a sample from the line in or directly from the built-in microphone. It's easy as a pie, pick your audio source with the switch, click on record and voilà. Just like with the iconic first keyboard samplers.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI master module.


The Wofi is made to be played in many contexts, from your couch to the studio, so it has a full connectivity and two stereo audio outputs : one for your headphones and one for a master line-out and the WoFi internal speaker.  Set your volumes easily.



Kiviak Instruments WoFI signal flow.


- 48kHz 16 bits
- Direct streaming from flash, no preloading
- Polyphony 10 voices


- 48kHz 16 bits mono
- Line / dynamic microphone / integrated microphone
- Gain adjust -6dB + 22dB
- Eurorack level compliant


- Flash embedded memory : 100 MBytes
- Flash cartridge memory : 100 MBytes
- Up to 200 User Patchs + 50 Presets

100 MBytes allow storing 18 minutes of audio


- 16 steps track for notes
- 16 keys track for parameters sequencing


- Real time processing (No Preprocessing)
- Interpolation modes: sample & hold, linear, whittaker-shannon
- Pitch shift
- Time stretch
- Bit crusher
- Texturer
- Machine rendering emulation
- Resonant state variable filter (12dB/o-24dB/o)
- Parameter modulation from different sources : enveloppe, LFO, sequencer automations, external modulation (CV/MIDI), after touch, touch strip
- Texturer: self mixing renderer based on granular sampling – 8 grains – multi tap harmonizer


- Direct file system management through USB
- Embedded sample editor


- WIFI connectivity, up to 16 key pass
- Cloud access: Patch / Sample upload and download, sharing or backup.


- Sync clock + start/stop
- CV input, Gate input
- CV output, modulation output, gate output
- MIDI in, out, through DIN+USB
- Line In, Line out, Headphones


- USB powered
- Embbeded battery - roughly 4h autonomy
- Integrated Microphone
- Integrated Speaker
- Full backup to Cartridge or
- User friendly workflow


- Aluminium / wood body
- Dimensions: 52cm x 23cm x 7cm
- Height TBD