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La Voix Du Luthier's description of the La Voix Du Luthier Onde acoustic resonator



The sound of a luthier for your instrument.

La Voix du Luthier has designed the Onde: a speaker without speaker cones. The Onde was unveiled in 2018 at the prestigious IRCAM in Paris, and then presented at SuperBooth 2018. These self-powered speakers, designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, give the sound of a luthier’s expertise in acoustics to any electronic instruments and guitars. The idea for La Voix du Luthier was born with the goal to create acoustic resonators that can be used with any electronic source that requires amplification, which includes anything from a simple single electronic keyboard to a guitar, or even a remotely connected bluetooth smartphone.

  • Feel the acoustical vibrations while playing your electronic instrument due to direct acoustical coupling, emulating this subtle yet significant playing experience that naturally occurs in traditional acoustic instruments.

Handmade 3D Auditory Space Acoustic Resonators (speakers) for Electronic Instruments and Bluetooth Devices 

Self-powered resonator

Designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, the Onde gives the sound of a luthier to any electronic musical instrument, and can also be used as a high end bluetooth speaker.


3D auditory space

Generate a natural 3D sound, just like a traditional acoustic instrument.

Wooden soundboards

Tonewood is carefully selected high grade wood, cultivated for its inherent acoustical properties.

Immersive sound

Perfect for all stereo signals. Provides a large acoustical environment, like an acoustic instrument.

Easily portable

Portable and usable in a variety of situations, such as standing on its provided feet in different positions, attached to an instrument,  or on a stand.



Acoustic meets electronic.

The Onde generates a 3D auditory space, just like a traditional acoustic instrument.



2*30W Class D amplifier driving 2 carefully selected wideband transducers



Separated volume controls for each soundboard.


French Lutherie

Handmade following our traditional stringed instrument maker’s decades of experience.


Audio Input

Line level stereo input on 3.5 mm stereo jack.  

  • Line level and bluetooth can be mixed together.


Battery Powered

The Onde can be battery-powered, with up to one full day of use between charges, depending on your application.  Batteries are sold separately.

No External Power Needed

The Onde is either AC or battery powered and can supply DC power for two other USB devices during normal operation. Play electronic music off the grid!

Sound Re-invented

Electronic musicians now can feel the vibrations of the sound they produce while playing.

The main characteristics of Onde.

  • They generate a 3D auditory space, just like a traditional acoustic instrument  (as opposed to traditional speakers being very directional).

  • They are not sonically «neutral», but are not meant to be: they offer a coloured sound carefully tuned by the luthier.

  • They offer a highly dynamic sound: users report that all the transients, like the attack off sounds, mechanical noises, etc., are perceptually better than on traditional speakers.

  • They enhance any electronic signal, imparting a carefully balanced acoustical environment into the source, immersive like an acoustic instrument.

  • They have two fine wooden soundboards with oppositional placement that are complementary sounding, further enhancing the 3D experience. Each soundboard has a separate volume control allowing for fine-tuning of the tonal balance.

  • They are designed to be able to transmit surface vibrations to your instrument, and offer a high number of possible mounting options to be attached to electronic instruments. This means that electronic musicians now can feel the vibrations of the sound they produce while playing, like any acoustic instrument player!

  • Like acoustic instruments, they are deeply interacting with their environment, allowing to fully take advantage of the specific tonal characteristics  of a venue.

  • They perfectly integrate with an acoustic ensemble.

  • They offer a very elegant wooden design.

Technical details – The Onde 

  • 72 cm high, 57 cm width, 8 cm depth, 2.6 kg weight (28.4" x 22.4" x 3.2", 5.7 lbs. weight).  May be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  • 2*30W Class D amplifier driving 2 carefully selected wideband transducers.
  • Built following the traditional stringed instrument maker’s know-how, integrating two sonically complementary soundboards.
  • Separated volume control for each soundboard.
  • Line level stereo in (3.5 mm stereo jack).
  • Bluetooth Audio (and APTX). Line level and Bluetooth can be mixed together.
  • Battery-powered option, with initial tests showing up to one full day of use between charges.  Batteries sold separately.
  • The Onde can supply power for two other USB devices during normal operation.
  • One permanent side opening, and one closable side opening allowing to tune the sound colour.
  • Eight Kodak screw mounting points allowing a huge number of accessory mounting possibilities.
  • Provided with 2 tripod feet (for vertical placement), 3 wooden feet (for horizontal placement) and a power supply.
Included in the box:
  • x 1 (one) La Voix du Luthier Onde acoustic resonator
  • Power Supply
  • x 3 (three) wooden feet (for horizontal positions)
  • x 2 (two) tripod feet (for vertical positions)
  • Audio cables