The Midium

Old Blood Noise Endeavors' description of the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Scooch tap tempo pedal Signature Edition (signed by Brady Smith)



Recognizing the people behind a musical instrument's creation is as vital as recognizing the artist who plays it and the audience who appreciates it. In that spirit, The Midium® asked Brady Smith of Old Blood Noise Endeavors to please sign a run of their Scooch tap tempo pedals in our collection. It is The Midium®'s hope that you feel a deeper connection with your Old Blood Noise Endeavors Scooch Signature Edition, with the knowledge that Brady himself added a personal touch to the units in our collection. We hope you enjoy this special pedal for a very, very long time.




Scooch is an external tap tempo footswitch designed for use with our Expression Ramper X3, Whitecap, and Blackcap. Simply plug scooch into the Tap In/Ext Tap jack with a TS cable and start tapping in your desired tempo! The pedal you plug Scooch into will handle the rest. 

Scooch can be used with a wide variety of other devices as well, for Tap Tempo, Remote Switching, or other purposes: anything expecting a momentary, normally open footswitch signal through a TS cable (connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed) will be compatible.

The art of Expression Ramper X3 is by Holey Kids.