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omiindustriies' description of the omiindustriies r2rawr digital-to-analog converter

The r2rawr in its most simple form is a 5-bit digital to analog converter. Its basic usage operation is to take gate signals (on or off binary signals) and turn those into stepped analog voltage. It’s great to pair with clock dividers, random gate sources, logic modules, gate sequencers, and square wave oscillators/LFOs.

The order from top to bottom of the inputs indicates the weighting of each bit. QØ on top has a label next to it reading MSB or Most Significant Bit, while Q4 has LSB next to it, or Least Significant Bit. Each bit input changes the voltage output by half as much as the bit above it.

The r2rawr uses a high speed operational amplifier at its attenuverter and output stages. This means the r2rawr can not only process input signals that exist below and at the audio range, it can operate up to the rate of video signals.

Read the official owner's manual here.