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omiindustriies' description of the omiindustriies Ya Jerk two-channel chaotic signal generator


Ya Jerk from omiindustriies is a two-channel chaotic signal generator conceptualized as an argument between two chaotic jerk functions. The two sides each represent a different chaotic entity. The two sides use slightly different implementations of jerk chaos, so you get two sets of related but different chaotic signals. The two channels feature normalization from one side to the other, creating a feedback loop that provides influence over the resulting chaos. 

Chaos tends to sit in that sweet spot of unpredictable but bounded where your ear will pick up on patterns as they emerge, but it won’t be so repetitive that you can pick out an exact behavior before it happens as the chaos moves through its states never quite the same way twice.

Rude and Jeez control the shape of the outputs; turning clockwise makes the outputs smoother and less jagged. What The Heck? And Seriously? Control the system's relative speed and the amount of decaying bounces. It’s closer to a slew generator than an oscillator frequency control, so turning it clockwise increases the slewing and decreases the speed of the system. Each side has three outputs, X, Y, and Z. Z is the most sinusoidal, and X is the most jagged and complex. Ya Jerk’s outputs are much like a bouncing ball with an onset and decaying bounces. 

Influence introduces an external signal into the chaotic system, but not as a modulation of the frequency, more of an influence on the character of the chaos. The output of each side is normalled into the Influence input of the other side. Attenuverters control the amount of polarity of the Influence. Sending gates or triggers into the input causes the module to loosely sync with them, but don’t expect perfectly in-tempo modulation.