The Midium




It's 9 PM, and you are almost ready for an unforgettable evening that, in your imagination and in the hearts of everyone who you are about to see, sounds like dreamy analog synthwave pads and filtered arpeggios.  Indeed, the time has come to wear your favorite sunglasses, and your smile has never looked cuter.  The look in your eye says it all, but you choose to keep the full story for your friends on stage and in the crowd.  You wonder who will be the lucky person who catches your shades when you throw them into the crowd as the lights go on and the volume goes up.  Suddenly, as the filter opens on that misty rhythm in your mind, you get a text that makes your heart skip.  

It's time to go.  

Your ride shows up and you hear the driver say to themself, "This one's got style."  With your head leaned back, the right playlist cued, headphones on, and after a deep breath, you give the order: "To the theater, my friend."  With the city running long traces of light through the night's neon haze, your driver speeds along the highway, bringing you closer to that dream you're about to turn into the greatest goal you have reached in your life thus far.  Then, as you arrive at the venue and take your first confident steps under your blinking marquee above the door, you adjust those timeless sunglasses, and with a sideways smile say to yourself, "Perfect.  I am so glad I am wearing my The Midium® BAUHAUS GIRL 001 shirt tonight."  

And just like that... the applause begin.



The Midium® has collaborated with Santa Barbara-based artist and musician Matt Jordan (aka COGEX) to produce one of our first designs: BAUHAUS GIRL 001.

The copy reads: "carefully curated electronic musical instruments and experiences for all."

Lightweight.  Perfect for layers and tying up on the side.  

Long sleeves.  Perfect when rolled up or all the way down.  

Sharp.  Perfect for that perfect moment.

Unisex.  Because, "Of course."

All BAUHAUS GIRL 001 units are 100% cotton Bella + Canvas shirts.  Designs are printed digitally onto the threads themselves, making for a flexible and durable finish.

*NOTE: Better photos are coming.  This guy is just a placeholder.  No shade on him, of course... it's just the tea.