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We Are Rewind's description of the We Are Rewind WE-001 Cassette Player and Recorder - Kurt (Blue)


As cassettes––as a recording medium––and cassette players and recorders make a comeback in both popular culture and recording studios of all sizes, they reconnect artists and audiences with how music and audio were commonly enjoyed in the 1980s and 1990s.  At the time, cassette tapes offered a durable, convenient, and mobile format for listeners to play their favorite tracks while commuting, working out, creating art, or just hanging out with their headphones on.  There was a certain romance around cassettes, too.

The mixtape changed many lives back then.  Artists of all stripes used them to share their work, collaborate on projects, and build their fan base, while many others who simply enjoy listening to good music created mixtapes for friends, family members, and loved ones.  Tape decks, portable cassette players, and cassette tapes are relics of an era when analog media was being pushed to its limits in the search for high-fidelity sound and convenient audio playback and recording.  Looking back, perhaps it is the cassette's own imperfections––such as the degradation of the tape itself over time, as well as a cassette player and recorder's mechanical inconsistencies––that add to its unmistakable character, and make up part of the romance we still find in these nostalgic machines.  It is very telling that there are new audio and video effects units available to artists today who wish to simulate or reproduce some of that mechanical noise, wow, and flutter that was characteristic of old analog tape.  This is not a high-fidelity medium comparable to the large digital music files currently available in the 2020s; rather, tape machines and cassette tapes are imperfect by nature.

Artists producing electronic music and other styles can also use the We Are Rewind cassette player and recorder to record performances directly to tape and skip the DAW and computer altogether.  By going out of a mixer and into the stereo input of the unit, or recording any source when creating new song ideas, musicians may print their sounds and experiments to tape for a more Lo-Fi aesthetic.  Audio quality will be noticeably different, though, when comparing a track mixed to a cassette tape on a portable recorder versus using a reel-to-reel or modern DAW.

In their own way, We Are Rewind's tape machines bring back that character in a unique, elegant, and robust format that enhances the traditional portable tape player and recorder's capabilities.  Details from the inventor are below. 

Lastly, please note that while there are videos online showing how to open a unit and get further into its mechanisms, we recommend that you always confer with the service department at We Are Rewind before taking any steps that may void the warranty. 

May you enjoy the world of analog tape for many, many years to come.  Here's wishing you joyful memories as you create your own mixtapes, record your own music and art, and listen to your favorite cassettes anywhere and everywhere.


Return of the Mobile Cassette Player and Recorder.

(Re)discover all the pleasure of analog sound with our modernized cassette players: Serge, Keith and Kurt.

Like the old-school cassette players, our players have fast forward/rewind buttons, a headphone output, a volume control and an audio input so you can create your own mixtapes. 

But because you have to keep up with the times, we've added a few modern touches.

First, we've replaced the batteries with a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 12 hours of continuous playback. It's more practical and environmentally friendly. We also built in a Bluetooth 5.1 connection so you can connect the player to your headphones or wireless speaker in seconds. It may not sound like much, but it's a world first!

On the audio side, our engineers worked hard to optimize the mechanism to be as close as possible to the best of the time.

Finally, we paid special attention to the design and materials used. As for the very first "Walkman," the TPS-l2, we avoided plastic and preferred an aluminum case for a "cool touch" and a real quality feeling. The result is a cassette player with a sober and elegant design, which will last in time. The kind of object that one would almost want to display on a shelf in the living room.

 So, ready to rewind? 

 Available in 3 colors: Orange (SERGE), Blue (KURT) and Grey (KEITH).



Compatible with compact audio cassettes, all Types I to IV


• 2-track stereo playback
• Frequency response : 30Hz - 12500Hz with Type I cassette
• Signal-to-noise ratio: 50dB
• Distortion: 0,3% typ.
• Wow & Flutter: 0,2% typ.
• Headphones output power: 2x2mW into 32 ohms
• Bluetooth 5.1 (headphones and speakers compatible)
• Not compatible with earbuds


• Stereo recording via 3,5mm RCA jack
• Input level 50mVrms to 200mVrms typ.
• Frequency response: 30Hz - 10000Hz with Type I cassette
• Signal-to-noise ratio : 45dB
• Distortion : 1% typ.


• Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
• Nominal voltage 3,7V
• Nominal capacity 2000mAh
• Battery life: approx. 10 to 12 hours

140,8 x 88,8 x 33,5mm

Approx. 404g